Automatic Rotating Oval Cartoner VR-SRV-50

Automatic Rotating Oval Cartoner VR-SRV-50

VIEPA, presents the new oval rotating cartoner for product packaging VR-SRV-50

A new line of cartoner machinery specially designed for packaging bigger cartoner boxes with products that require vertical placement and speed. VIEPA adds to the great variety of the products offered with this new addition.


  • Product Packaging in box with hot melt glue or button
  • Pacing Machine Operation
  • Productive Ability up to 45-50 products per minute
  • Automated Receiving and Box Forming
  • Programmed Operation for box forming depending on the type
  • Manual product placement on the machine (Possibility of Automatic Feeding)
  • Box Set up for 3 different dimensions
  • Flap closure with pneumatic actuators
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Comfortable access to points of operation and set up
  • Easy machine set up with calibrated systems of position change and color indications
  • Structural machine parts from anodized industrial profile or INOX
  • Transparent machine covers from unbreakable polycarbonate
  • User-friendly operation menu with touch screen
  • LED Lighting installed in inner parts of the machine
  • Wireless JOG for machine set up
  • Wardrobe for tools and spare parts.
  • CE Mark
  • Greek Construction
  • 24 months warranty

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