VIEPA on Air

Following the Packaging Awards ceremony, VIEPA had the opportunity to appear on a greek morning show called "Ora Ellados" on Open TV and introduce the company across nation.

During his TV appearence the director of VIEPA, Papadopouos Panagiotis, spoke about the deficit of technically trained workers that exists in Greece due to the false characterisation of such jobs as lesser and the degradation of the educational technical system. 

This deficit has created an increased demand for robotic applications and automization in the industry to substitute the working force missing, VIEPA has been providing solutions for the past 13 years to many different companies mostly in industries like the Pharmaceutical, the Cosmetics and the Food and Beverages one, even during the economic crisis.

During his interview Mr. Papadopoulos got into detail about his goals for the company, and ambissions as the company plans to keep delivering innovating solutions at a competitive price among even bigger names of the industry.