Installation of Cartesian Palletizer at Jacobs Douwe Egberts Hellas

VIEPA inaugurated a new series of machinery in the company repertoire by installing a new palletizer system at the JACOBS-DOUWE EGBERTS HELLAS. The palletizer system is a cartesian with the possibility of palletizing different boxes in a range of dimensions. The 3 axis of movements (-X, -Y, -Z) and rotation range are used efficiently as the parameters by the program that is user friendly and easy to use.

That way the settings can be changed and fit the needs of the client. The palletizer was designed with low space use in mind and upon installation our company will have completed the machinery range necessary for end of line packaging. The range includes cartoners, case packers and palletizers.

We are thankful to the JACOBS-DOUWE EGBERTS company for trusting us!